tirsdag 22. juni 2010

Welcome to Agder University Library E-book Reader Project

The project UiA Learning Arena 2020 offers funding for pilot projects that  contribute to the implementation of ideas and projects aimed at improving student learning outcomes. 
The University Library is an important information source for students and as such we would like to explore e-curriculum and new reading technology at student courses.  You and your fellow students at the European Integration Summer School, are the first group to explore the the use of the Kindle DX e-book reader in this library project.

The Kindle is preloaded with reading material that is on the required reading list for your course. In addition to the journal articles we have also loaded a brief introduction to EU history, institutions and decision-making by Egenhoffer et. al. In addition to course related material the following books will hopefully be of interest in regard to your free time here in Norway this summer:

    • Nemesis - a contemporary crime novel by one of Norway’s most well known crime novelists Jo Nesbø
    • The Lonely Planet Guide to Norway 
You can link the Kindle to your private Amazon account, purchases are your responsibility. Books or periodicals you purchase will be retained in your account and can easily be loaded onto an iPhone, Ipad or PC in addition to the Kindle and afterwords when you get back home.

If you choose to participate in the project and use the Kindle DX e-book reader during the summer course, we would like you to focus on the following:
    • How reader-friendly the Kindle is
    • What you like/dislike about the Kindle
    • To what extent you think this could replace printed materials in regard to course material
Those of you that agree to try out the Kindle DX will be asked to participate in a brief survey towards the end of the summer. The questionnaire will be sent by e-mail.

You must return the Kindle to the library after your second and last exam at the latest. You may return it at an earlier stage as well.

Assistance: bibkris@uia.no
(For library opening hours see our Webpage )  

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